Local Business Support

When running or starting a business in another country, it always takes time to settle numerous business issues. They may require local presence, knowledge of language or understanding of cultural specifics. Sometimes it is just about legal advice.
Being in business for assisting foreign companies in operating the Russian market for many years our specialists are well-prepared to be next to you to care about your needs and interests. Our scope of services includes, but not limited to:
Government Relations
Assistance in approaching and communications with authorities
Representation of Interests
We could be your local 'right hand'
Second Opinions
Review of agreement and other documents
From/to English, German, French, Italian, Russian and others
Legal and Tax Advice
We assist in all kinds of legal and tax issues
Voluntary and obligatory audit of financial reporting
Mandatory Valuations
Formal valuations to meet the legislation requirements
Investment Calculations
All kinds of financial calculations on investment project
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